Pilgrim walking to Santiago

One of the doubts that assail first-time pilgrims is whether they are going to be able to bear with guarantees this great challenge of going on pilgrimage and whether they need any physical preparation for the Way of Saint James.

With these lines we will try to establish a series of general recommendations with which to prepare beforehand and which will make your Camino with El Camino Areté a much more pleasant and satisfying experience, thus avoiding bad planning.

Basic tips

First of all, it is recommended to start the physical preparation with a previous month’s notice, in which short walks will be carried out so as to start with a frequency around 2-3 weekly walks.

We will progressively increase these walks until we reach the last week with daily walks and distances equal to the average of your stages, always trying to use the footwear chosen for the Way, with the aim that you get used little by little and do not appear the dreaded blisters at the least indicated time.

It will also be of great help to accompany these walks with complementary sessions of gymnastics, so that you tone your body and muscles gain elasticity, avoiding muscle or joint problems in the future.

In addition, as far as possible, some of these walks should be done by a nearby mountain, so that you are doing the multiple ups and downs that you will find.

Choose your equipment well

It is very important that you get used to the shoes you are going to wear and the clothes. So it will be highly recommended to use the same in training. Look for what makes you feel comfortable.

Never forget

Finally, it is essential to stretch well, both before and after the stage, especially calves, hamstrings and quadriceps, since the legs will suffer most from the dreaded stiffness, but without forgetting the other muscles and joints of the body.

Ready to walk with El Camino Areté?


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