Pilgrim´s backpack

In our case the luggage will go in the support vehicle. We therefore recommend that you bring a suitcase with all your luggage and a small backpack in which you can carry what you need to walk each day.

The suitcase will be a single bag and to walk we recommend a backpack of about 10 liters at most. Since we will use it to be able to put the clothes that are on us, the bottle of water and the goods that we do not want to take in the pockets.

The recommended luggage

Footwear: It is the most delicate point. It is essential to wear appropriate footwear. In the sports shops you can find trekking or the most suitable shoes for you. It should be worn for a couple of months before starting the trip. Those who wear new footwear or make the Way with inappropriate footwear may end up leaving because of discomfort.

Hiking pants: It is important that they are worn. Practical and comfortable. They will be used for walking every day. It may be a good idea to wear a raincoat for your trousers in case rain makes an appearance.

Shorts: In summer you can use them to sleep, to walk during the hottest days and even to take a dip in any of the pools or rivers that abound along the Camino de Santiago.

Sweatshirt or jersey: Comfortable, lightweight. It will provide good service on the coldest days, but it should not be forgotten that it will have to be carried on the hottest days.

T-shirts: It is recommended that they are synthetic/technical as they are easier to dry, weigh less and are fresher to walk.

Seamless socks: really important to avoid any kind of blisters and discomfort while walking.

Three or four cloth pins to dry the clothes: They can be very useful.
Slippers: Essential to use in the showers of the shelters and to rest the feet of the long walks.
Water bottle: a camel bag or a 1 liter water bottle is recommendable.
Soap-bar: to wash your clothes at the end of the day.
Vaseline: Applying a small amount of Vaseline to your feet before each day will help prevent the appearance of the always uncomfortable blisters.
Sun protection: Essential.
Documentation: DNI, health card (in the case of foreign pilgrims, the European health card) and credit card. It is also advisable to always carry some cash with you.
Raincoat: Indispensable so that it does not surprise a shower of unforeseen.
Mobile phone and charger: Carrying a mobile phone can be an advantage or a burden. There are walkers who dedicate themselves to look for the screen of their telephone instead of to the landscapes that surround them. However, walking with a mobile phone can be of great help in the event that someone finds themselves immersed in an emergency.
Credential: The document that accredits the person as a pilgrim.
Backpack: It is recommended to look for a backpack that is comfortable for you. If possible, it should be adjustable and should not move while walking to avoid scratches. We will never exceed 10 liters.

Optional luggage

Walking stick or staff: More and more pilgrims are walking with this kind of help. In recent years, technical walking sticks or Nordic walking sticks have replaced the old staff .
Hat: It can be of great help in the summer months.
Earplugs: To be able to rest more calmly.


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